Summer? What Summer?

Earlier in July, the UK enjoyed a heatwave where temperatures peaked in the high 30 degrees, but in recent days the temperature has dropped significantly.

Some areas have been experiencing rain and strong winds.
For sun-seeking Brits, the good news is that we're expected to be hit by another heatwave which appears to be just around the corner.

Unfortunately, the weather looks set to remain unsettled until then.
It's difficult to ever feel optimistic about British weather but we continue to persevere and enjoy whatever glimpse of sun we are graced with.

Come wind, rain or shine projects need to be completed.

We know it's not enjoyable at times but all of our access equipment systems can endure even the worst of the weather.

Safety at heights should never be compromised, regardless of conditions and that's why we're here to help.

Whether it be a small domestic project such as repainting, guttering, window cleaning, light replacement, the list goes on, or a large commercial project, developing the towns and cities around us, we're certain we have the right equipment for the job.

Come rain or shine, seize the day

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