Our Products

Aluminum Scaffolding Towers

Our Aluminium Scaffolding is qualified for British standard BS1139-3:1994 and UNI HD1004:1993.
Our flexibility of scaffolding dimensions sets us aside from the traditional suppliers.
Assembling on our client’s demands, we offer single-width and double-width scaffolding platform heights that can be fully customized with the variable combo with 3-Rung, 4-Rung, and 5-Rung frames.
We also value the safety of workers in various working environments with installation of protective railings on the top and toe boards with all structures, preventing falling of workers and eliminating injury on active sites.
Single Width Tower Double Width Tower

Foldable Unit & Podium Step Tower

Foldable Unit and Podium Step Towers is your first option for any short-term aerial projects, especially for those in narrow corridors and confined indoor environments.

Light and almost-instantly-assembled, it takes no extra tools and just negligible parts to be installed before getting into action.

The 360 all-round protection barriers are installed to prevent workers from falling out of the platform.
Foldable Unit Podium Step Tower

M-Type Tower

Welltech M-Type Tower is an original, durable and multi-functional system which is known for its colossal loading capacity and highly variable forms thanks to the interlocking nature of its fundamental building blocks – M-Cube & M-Truss. Making its debut in 2012, it has no boundaries and is ready to face the most challenging tasks you may encounter.

The interlocking nature is made possible with the four pinholes on each of its truss ends. Four screws are needed for the trusses to be firmly locked.
The M-Truss dimension is the varied multiples of M-Cube, a 200mm square Cube or 400mm square Cube. While M-Truss is made by pre-welding the M-Cube so as to minimize the time and nails needed for assembly, M-Cube is the essential node point for joining up vertical and horizontal trusses at each of its six inter-jointing ends.

The beauty of our scaffolding is the intermodal compatibility. M-Truss works brilliantly with Modular Aluminum Scaffold with interchangeable parts such as platforms and handrails.
M-Type Tower